Itaf Awad

                                            is from Dabburyiah, a village in the north of the Galilee, near Nazareth. She is the granddaughter of Nasra Awad, midwife, healer  and peacemaker in her community, an influence who Itaf says still inspires her steps and her work.   Like her grandmother, Itaf is a mediator who always walks with patience and compassion as companions. 


ITAF AWAD served for 26 years as the city manager of Dabburyiah and advisor for women's affairs at the Local Council.

In 2002 Itaf Awad received the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award “Nashim portzot Derech”, Women Leading the Way, in recognition for her political and social contributions made on behalf of women in her region. 

In 2004 Itaf was awarded a scholarship to participate in the first class of Jewish and Arab municipal officials for a Master’s Degree in Local Government Administration at the University of Haifa. This was the first program of its kind in Israel where Jewish and Arab local authority employees were brought together for study purposes, with the ultimate goal of implementing projects that will bring their municipalities to work together for common goals.

FACILITATION SKILLS TRAINING: In 2003 Itaf broke new ground by joining the first group in Israel to study the Way of Council as introduced in Israel by the U.S. based Ojai Foundation.   She also has studied Nonviolent Communication, Compassionate Listening, Reiki, Healing Touch, and at Capacitar International’s healing center.


    “I grew up in the Middle East in a difficult situation.  All my life I have seen poverty and injustice while knowing that everyone deserves dignity and safety. I believe that the greatest solutions are simple, from the heart, and come from life itself.”

                - Itaf Awad