ITAF AWAD has been committed to women’s empowerment, community development, and conflict resolution for over thirty years. 

She teaches that within each person there exists an innate wisdom that promotes growth and healing. Through the use of communication and conflict resolution tools, Itaf helps people get in touch with this simple and powerful wisdom.

ITAF AWAD (MA Political Science from Haifa University) has facilitated the Way of Council with the Sulha Peace Project, Beyond Words, Academy of Central European Schools, and many other organizations in Palestine,  the United States and Europe.

A social innovator, Itaf Awad directs the pioneer bi-cultural Arabic and Hebrew speaking Waldorf kindergarten, Ein Bustan. She has led numerous women's empowerment initiatives, as well as several body and soul workshops . Additionally, Itaf works with Creativity for Peace in New Mexico, and was a featured guest on Global Room for Women. Inspired by the Ojai Foundation in California, Itaf helped found Circle of Listening, an NGO in Haifa. She currently serves as the Middle East liaison to ReGeneration Education.

Itaf is fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, and English.

To book workshops or sessions contact Itaf at