The Women’s Empowerment Workshop serves to awaken women to their connectedness and empower them to relate peacefully and harmoniously to themselves, others, and the planet.  In this workshop we strive to create a field of love so powerful that participants experience their unity and interconnectedness in life-changing ways. We pay attention to our bodies, be it through watching our breath, practicing forms of healing touch, moving, dancing, and resting. We do not force the body to continuously take back seat to the mind.

During the workshop participants learn simple, invaluable tools that can enhance their inner peace, confidence and relationship skills. They become aware of how their own healing and empowerment brings more healing and peace to their homes, work places and communities.   During the workshop you will be able to practices tools for Wellbeing, These tools are for all of us, whether we are survivors of trauma, caregivers working with others or persons overwhelmed and stressed by daily life:

      1. Rediscover the joy of moving, playing games and being in your body

      2. Experience deep listening on the soul level as a form of feminine empowerment

      3. Feel the healing possibility of touch

      4. Learn about new ways of creating a change in your world





Helping children appreciate diverse backgrounds speaking and listening from the heart without judging oneself and others. Why use Council at Classroom? Council is a powerful tool that helps:

      1. Children appreciate the diverse backgrounds, experiences and stories of their classmates.

      2. Promotes a classroom culture where children connect meaningfully with parents and adults.

      3. Helps students develop attention, concentration and listening skills; to express themselves fully and appropriately.

      4. Participating in Council has the same benefits for adults in a school Community and at staff, teacher, parent and community meetings.

ITAF AWAD uses the Way of Council, the art of listening with the heart and speaking from the soul.  The Council process builds trust, self-value, deep communication, connection, and shared community leadership.  The basic practice of Council is simple. A group of people sits in a circle. The circle format engenders a sense of equality, since the facilitator is also a participant, rather than a lecturer or a teacher.  Everyone has the feeling of "being in the same boat".  A talking piece is passed from person to person in the circle and one at a time people speak.

Council connects us with the meaning and power of the circle: Humans have been gathering in circles for hundreds of thousands of years, and have always revered the powerful healing of the circle.



This is a training for individuals interested in become facilitators or Carriers of Council. This training includes:

      1. Learning how to contain and hold the group process,

      2. Recognize and acknowledge the more reactive and unconscious aspects of ourselves known as “the shadow”

      3. Facilitate the different formats of Council. 

  1. In this training participants learn how to read the interactive field in Council and be able to simultaneous participate in and witness the process  within oneself and in the group.

    1. the origin, structure and intentions of Council

    2. listening and speaking from the heart

    3. the magic and healing of shared stories

In this workshop participants experience how Council empowers listening skills and builds community without judgement.  They begin to practice how to reflect and comment on their own experiences in a manner that creates connection to oneself and to others.

Participants learn:

Participants learn how to use Council as an ongoing tool for connecting to others and developing self-awareness and freedom of choice. Council is held on a range of topics and participants begin to learn how to live the Way of Council.  Through this practice participants pay greater attention to their inner experiences and thoughts without judgment, despite external circumstances.  As participants become more self-aware they develop a greater capacity of inner peace and freedom.